Information Architecture & SiteMap Builder for Figma [V1.0]

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IA & SiteMap Builder is the fastest, affordable, and easy-to-use UX Framework kit designed for Figma, transforming your UX design process to showcase app and site structure without relying on third-party software or plugins.

It has several key features that have been implemented dozens of times on client work to deliver quick design prototypes. Since I am working a lot in Figma.

Core Features

Auto Layout 5.0 with Min and Max Constraints: Utilised Figma's Auto Layout for flexible designs with set minimum and maximum constraints

Implemented 3 styles: Flat:Minimalistic, two-dimensional design without shadows or gradients. Border: Define boundaries and enhance visual interest with borders. New-brutislim: Modern, sleek style featuring thin lines and subtle effects.

Dark/Light Themes: Designed both themes for user preference, ensuring readability and accessibility with appropriate contrast and color schemes.

Robust Connector: Created dynamic connectors enabling easy page-to-section linking in all directions.

42+ Web Sections & Page Infographic: Designed 29 website sections (e.g., homepage, about us, services) and 13 page infographics, prioritizing logical organization and smooth navigation.

Who benefits from ?

  • UX/UI designers
  • Product Designer
  • Content strategists
  • Developers
  • Marketing teams
  • Project managers
  • Creative Freelancers
  • Agencies

Pre-built UX data driven examples

Help you visualize any idea and get your UX structure in second.

  • Food & Grocery - Information Architecture
  • Design Agency - UX Sitemap
  • Crypto & Web 3.0 Website - IA & UX Sitemap
  • No Code Builder- IA & UX Sitemap

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Terms & Condition

You have the authorization to employ the IA-Sitemap Builder in various projects, including commercial ventures, client tasks, and personal endeavors. However, it is prohibited to resell the file or incorporate it into a product or UI kit for resale. Furthermore, publishing or distributing it for free is not permitted.

For further information and frequently asked questions:

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7-day money back guarantee

I designed it and using in real project so please let me know if it wasn't a good fit for you. This will help me improve it.

Last updated Apr 3, 2024

You'll get one file for all your UX projects.

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Information Architecture & SiteMap Builder for Figma [V1.0]

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